Friday, July 11, 2014

Where Did The Week Go?!

It's 10:15 pm on Thursday night & I almost didn't do this post.  I haven't really been home since Wednesday morning, I just finished catching up on blogs/comments, am sleepy, & still haven't done my workouts which I WILL do.  However, this was a really fun week so I had to post my favorite moments of the week!

1. Monday I met up with my HS best friend for supper.  It was good to catch up both with each other as well as on what everyone else in our tiny town/class is up to. #SmallTownProblems.

2. Tuesday I met up with Favorite College Roommate & First Roommate for BINGO.  Unfortunately BINGO didn't actually happen.  The place we used to go to in college stopped doing bar BINGO on Tuesdays & our back up place was already packed.  Instead we went to our old stomping grounds, aka pretty much the only bar we ever went to in college, for supper & drinks.

3. I don't know how many of you watch Catfish on the regular, I do not, but I totally ran into someone that was on one of the few episodes I have seen.  She's from Minnesota & works at one of the malls in the cities.  I was standing there waiting for a dressing room thinking "DAMN! That girl looks like the girl from Catfish!" Then, she gets me a room & says "My name is Miranda if you need any help."  So then I'm standing in the dressing room thinking "That's the same name as the girl on Catfish!!"  So obviously when I left I Google imaged her just to make sure annnd yep!  It was here!
I won't tell you what city, mall, or store...but that's her.

4. I went to see Craig Campbell with one of my WeFest friends on Wednesday which was cool enough in itself...

5. ...But then we got free rodeo tickets for the rodeo that we had already planned on going to tonight...

6. ...And THEEEEN we got picked for meet & greets...

All in all I'd say Wednesday was a pretty damn successful day. 

 Other good moments of the week:
1. Getting new clothes & that awesome tipsy feeling on Wednesday that I haven't had in forever.
2. Spending the day with my mama on Thursday & then doing happy hour with some of her coworkers.
3. My baby bro going for my 2.5 mile walk with me on Thursday night & having a good talk.


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  2. haha I actually like catfish though I wouldnt say I watch often... I cant believe you ran into one of the people though haha

  3. i have never heard of catfish! but wednesday sounds like the perfect day, yay for getting meet and greets! how cool :)

  4. One of my guy friends was on Catfish! The girl that fished him looks like that girl, haha.

  5. I want to watch one episode of Catfish just because I'm curious. I've heard a lot of people reference or talk about the show. Omg, there is a such thing as bar Bingo?? I've gone to regular Bingo and think that is kind of fun, but it would wayyy better in a bar!