Saturday, July 5, 2014

Just Call Me Super Bri

So I've actually been taking Saturdays off from blogging for awhile.  However I saw that Allie was hosting a Blog Everyday in July link-up & thought I'd join in from time to time.  At the time I saw it I already had posts scheduled through the 6th (except for today) & wanted to do my regular link-ups as well so I figured on days that I didn't have things planned I would join in with her.

Today's topic is super powers.

So what powers do I wish I had? 

1. The ability to teleport

2. The ability to change/get new clothes instantly

3. Eating whatever I want without consequence

4. Mind Control

5. Get toned without actually working out


  1. I love that you used Harry Potter go inspiration for your super powers! Perfect!

  2. I used to be SO JEALOUS of Sabrina changing her outfits like that! Still am actually! haha

  3. I'm shaking my head yes in agreement to every one of these super powers!!