Sunday, May 11, 2014

Scavenger Hunt Sunday Social

1. Details

2. Precious

3. Hungry

4. Water

5. Wide Angle

1. What was your favorite TGIF show?
Definitely Boy Meets World.

2. What was your favorite Saturday morning TV show?

3. Mickey Mouse Club or Kids Incorporated.?
I didn't have cable growing up so I've never seen either.

4. Zack Morris or AC Slater?
Can I have both?  Ha pretty sure as a child I was probably more of a Zack Morris kinda girl but as an adult I just want both...

5. Which show would you love to see remade? (For example, Boy Meets World is back as Girl Meets World)
Boy Meets World!  As a 25 year old woman I could not be more excited for Girl Meets World!


  1. I totally forgot about Recess! I use to love that show!

    As Told by Kate Elizabeth

  2. I also loved Recess! Great Scavenger Hunt shots! The detail shot is really cool!

  3. Love the Good Luck Charlie shout out!

    I hope you can stop by and visit and maybe even sign up for my favorite color swap :)


  4. I'm also super excited for Girl Meets that finally coming out yet? I remember hearing about it like 2 years ago! I was definitely a Zack girl, but now I'd take both, lol!