Wednesday, May 21, 2014

I Just Can't Hide It

**I've been so stressed lately that nearly everything puts me on the verge of tears...both happy & sad things**

**I am so relieved that prom is finally over**

**I got royally screwed on my summative evaluation this year despite having good evaluations throughout the year because we switched to a system that no one understands**

**Mr. Fireman has been talking to me more...I appreciate/enjoy it...but he's still going to have to work harder if he wants to talk/see me more.**

**I bought my new July 14-June 15 planner & I've been geeking out over it**

**Dear Possible Future Employers...**

**I don't know why it bothers me so much but when people refer to their S/O as "Le ____" it really irks me.  Sorry to those of you that do it...because I know certain people I follow do it.  I still love you...that one little thing just drives me batty**


  1. new planners always give me boners. when i got mine, i practically jizzed all over it i was so excited!!!

    thanks for linking up!

    Vodka and Soda

  2. lol i totally do the Le thing but not just for the husband. and I use Ze, which isn't even a word. haha!
    new planner, swoon! i want one! where'd you get yours from??

  3. I love planners too even though I suck at using them. I honestly love em!!! Also, its been an emotional week for me too so I feel ya. Im not even a crier (I rarely cry) and the waterworks this week was just insane.

  4. Oh that review issue suucks! I would be super pissed too!! Pfff!! And I cannot the Le thing.. It just makes me want to break something. lol!


  5. That is so frustrating, I hate when they bring in a new system no one understands!

  6. What is "Le" anyway Ive been wondering for the longest!

  7. I need to get a new planner too! And instead of the whole "Le..." thing I tend to just call him "the hubs" which I suppose could be equally annoying as all newlyweds usually are haha. I'm sure we would get hundreds of eyerolls if people were to hear us refer to each other as husband and wife all the time.

  8. Oh I love new planners!! I need to get a new one soon because I am almost on the last month. Got any good suggestions for what I should pick up next? I also don't understand "Le", is it French for "the"? I just call my other half John :D

  9. I love starting new planners but then I never keep up with it! I stick to a hanging wall calendar for my events.

  10. I hate dumb names for husbands. Mine has a name. Or he's my husband. I get why some people use initials for privacy and that's cool but le husband, hubby, hubster, whatever make me crazy. Ew.

  11. Is it bad to admit that I have a planner, 2 paper calendars, the calendar on my computer, and 2 to-do lists?...let's just forget about this lol