Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Because It's The Cup

- Herb Brooks #Hockey #MiracleonIce greatest coach! Never forget lake placid in 80!

In all honesty, I'm not really quite sure where most of y'all are from.  So maybe where you're from hockey isn't a big deal.  Or maybe it is & your team is out of the playoffs already.  Or maybe it is but hockey just isn't your thing.  Well where I come from (originally anyway) hockey is a great deal.  We're "The State of Hockey" for crying out loud.  The funny thing about that though (or should I say funny THINGS) is a) we didn't even get a pro team until 1967...50 years after the NHL started. b) after the Northstars got sold to Dallas (1993) we didn't have a hockey team for the better part of a decade until we got the Wild (2000)

This was a political ad for the govenor's race one year btw...

c) Neither the Northstars nor the Wild have ever won a Stanley Cup. (The Northstars won conference champs twice & division champs twice and The Wild have won division champs once).

Yet here we are.  The Wild got into the playoffs as a wild card, beat the Avalanche 4-3 in a 7 game series, & will be playing game 6 in round 2 against the Blackhawks (who have won the Stanley cup 5 times btw including last year).  Tonight's game is it.  It's 2-3 right now.  If the Hawks win that's 4 wins & we're out.  Luckily it's in Minnesota which has helped us every single time thus far in the playoffs. 


Go Wild

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