Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sunday Social

1. What was your best birthday?
Sketchy little alley in my college town (the bar next to it has since been shut down if that tells you anything...)

Free limo ride in downtown Minneapolis

My 23rd birthday was hands down my favorite of all time.  It was my Golden birthday & I actually had 2 parties.  I had one on a Friday night in my college town & then one the next night in downtown Minneapolis which had become a tradition for my birthday.

2. What was your best vacation?
Kickass Cousin & Me at the Chattahoochie River

I love road trips.  I've taken a lot of them throughout the years but my favorite was probably the one where my cousin flew down at the end of my student teaching & we road tripped through the South on our way back to MN.  You can read about it here.  Or just watch the highlights reel here.  I did a similar one with my mom the following year (last year) where we hit up different spots.

3. What is the best date you've ever been on?
Curtis Grimes concert/Humble Rodeo Cook-Off

I've honestly never really been on dates with that many different people.  Any date with Mr. Fireman though.  It never mattered what we did or where we were, we always managed to have a great time just hanging out together.  

4. What is the best movie(quality) you've seen?
Friday Night Lights

This probably isn't the best quality movie I've ever seen but I'm struggling to think as I really don't go to movies a whole lot anymore.  This is hands down my favorite movie though.

5. What is the best TV show ending of all time?

There has actually been a lot of discussion about this recently, at least within my friend group, with the completely shitty ending that was HIMYM.  I'm going with Friends.  I may have cried just now watching it even...


  1. Lots of votes for Friends! Saw it the other week as it turned up on Comedy Central in their random showing of episodes

  2. Friends is my all-time favorite show PERIOD! I still miss that show!!!!

  3. OMG the HIMYM ending was just the worst. I think my fave comment I saw anywhere about it was this quote "I feel like I just found out my favorite love song was written about a sandwich". Sums it up right there. lol

    1. Ha! That quote is from 27 Dresses. Love it!

  4. I'm just getting into it, but I agree with you about Friends

  5. With each one of these I read, I'm reminded of movies that should have made my list of quality ones...!