Monday, April 14, 2014

It's The Little Things...

L is for Little Things

I have seen others do posts about 32 things that make them smile/happy.  That's only half of where I got the idea from.  I could not for the life of me figure out what to do for L.  I was going to cop out & just post a quote about how life is funny.  Then, I opened a thing of coffee that made me smile.  So I decided that L would be about the little things...because it is the little things that matter.  THEN, I decided I might as well jump on the 32 things bandwagon.  So, without further ado 32 little things that make me happy.
1. The smell of Folgers coffee.
2. Thunderstorms.
3. When "Springsteen" comes on the radio.
4. Sour Patch watermelons
5. Tattoos
6. Getting new boots.
7. Meeting new people via social media.
8. The smell of fresh cut grass.
9. Road trips
10. Dancing around my apartment.
11. Listening to music way too loud in my car.
12. Concerts
13. Freshly painted nails.
14. Sundresses.
15. Parks/Nature Trails
16. Getting to visit old friends & family in MN
17. Bonfires
18. Listening to old voicemails from some of my favorite people.
19. New swimsuit tops.
20. Baseball
21. Binge watching shows on Netflix
22. Driving my dadd'ys truck...or any truck actually.
23. WeFest
24. Taking pictures
25. Kissing
26. Falling for a boy
27. Two stepping
28. Lying on the ground & staring at the stars.
29. Jack Daniels
31. Being in the middle of nowhere.
32. Leaves changing colors in the fall.

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