Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Baseball Was, Is, & Always Will Be To Me The Best Game In The World

B is for Baseball

I love baseball.  Everything about baseball.  I love the sound of the bat making contact with the ball.  I love the smell of the hot dogs.  I love the feel of the sun shining down on me while sitting in the stands.  I of course love the look of the players in those tight pants.  Baseball is life.  Baseball is the only sport I follow on a consistant basis & the Twins always have been & always will be the only team I consistantly follow despite living over 1000 miles away.  The Twins are my boys.  We have been there for each other through the good & the bad.  Baseball is the only game I have ever cried over.  I was there for the final 2 games that would ever be played at the Metrodome before they moved to Target Field.  Baseball is America's past time.  After all, not even WWII could put a stop to it... 

It's back everyone...let's play ball!

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