Friday, March 21, 2014

Spring is Upon Us

1. I came home to find a package waiting for me.  I participated in a mug swap & it came today!  Thanks Mercedes!

2. I got responses from some HR people from districts that I've applied to around Dallas.  Even if they were just thanking me for my interest it still made me super happy...maybe they'll be more likely to remember my name come interview time!

3. Despite being crabby with my kids & being tired, I've been in a surprisingly good mood all week.

4. Surprise pay day!  I kept thinking I got paid Friday so seeing it hit my bank account Thursday felt A-MA-ZING.

1. I had a total fat kid night on Monday.  I ate a big bowl of soup & then a few hours later I was hungry again so I made a tiny bowl of soup & used it as dip for my Doritos...judge me...go ahead.

2. First day back & my kids were already driving me crazy.  I didn't wanna be back...they clearly didn't wanna be back by how little work & how much talking they did all day.  I may have come close to losing my cool a couple of times.

3. I've been so tired all week.  Wednesday was the worst!  I passed out cold at some point, phone in hand, didn't even hear my alarm go off...luckily I wasn't late for work.

4. Defensive Driving videos were almost the death of me.  It's 2014...can we not update them from the 80s & 90s??


  1. speaking of coffee...i MISS IT. i quit coffee and the ONE day i had it a few days's ALL I CAN THINK ABOUT. and i love mugs too :)

    -kathy | Vodka and Soda

  2. You hit some of my favorite things with your gifs in this post! And I love a surprise payday...