Friday, February 14, 2014

Show Them You Care Everyday

1. Getting to wake up next to Mr. Fireman & get a goodbye kiss before we go off to work seriously makes my day 100x better...which is probably why I'm so bummed about crappy #2.
2. Outsiders - Eric Church was finally released on Tuesday.  I love that man.  I had been streaming it for days before listening on repeat.
3. My parents will be here on Friday.  I'm super excited to spend time with them.

1. I have been trying to win Houston BBQ Cook Off tickets relentlessly.  I finally got through on Monday...I was #95...they wanted caller 103...
2. I am being a big ol baby about Mr. Fireman.  I am not normally this pouty, especially when we both have stuff going on, but I have been more than slightly bummed that even though we just saw each other on Sunday we probably won't see each other again until at least Monday.  I've gotten really used to getting to see him a couple of times a week.  And yes, I realize others have it worse.  I myself used to be in a long distance, can't see each other for months at a time, relationship.  It's all relative...
3. You see crappy #1... yeah well Wednesday I was caller 102.  I literally almost broke out in tears.  I don't think y'all quite understand just how badly I want to win these tickets.
4. I finally brought my car in to the dealership because my check engine light has been on...for awhile...which in itself is a crappy but that's not really the crappy part to me.  The crappy part is that I HATE, HATE, HATE the rental I got.  It's an Elantra.  Within 15 minutes I knew I would never own one.  I'm not even in love with my car but I wanted it back before I even got home.
5. This has been one of the longest weeks of my life.  I also feel very negative for the fact that as of right now my crappies are more than double my happies.  (I suppose everyone has those weeks)
6. I had to call Comcast AGAIN...and even bitched enough to get some Xfinity person on Twitter to help me out...guess what neither one actually fixed whatever this problem is.  Like clockwork my internet starts cutting in & out around 6 pm on a daily basis.
7. I got a call Thursday morning saying that they couldn't verify my warranty because the headquarters is in Atlanta which is pretty much shut down at the instead I went to go pick my car up & drop off the rental because who knows when they'll get to verify it & I can't afford to be paying for a rental car or the repair.  So I had to pay almost $150 for nothing to have actually gotten fixed on the car.
8. I got home like 3 hours later than normal on Thursday & found out that sometime during the day the chain on my toilet broke so in order to flush I now have to stick my hand in the tank to pull up the chain.

Friday Five
I participated in a Valentine's Day Blogger gift swapI got paired with Shane.  This is the awesome present she sent me!  I wear that lip gloss constantly & have definitely eaten a fair amount of that candy.  So today my Friday Five will be about her.  I'm pulling this from her "This is me" section on her blog.  It's 5 of her "Rules to live by"

1. No matter how bad things get, there's always someone out there worse off than you.
2. The past cannot be changed but the future is fully in your hands.
3. Never regret what has happened in the past, you can't change it.
4. Don't be confined by rules, break them every once in awhile.
5. Life doesn't get better - only your perception of life improves.

Seriously y'all go follow her!


  1. Hopefully your weekend has been much better than your week. And yes, there are some weeks where there are many more crappies than happies. It's life I guess. Just makes us all more thankful for a new week to start over and try again. =) Thanks for linking up, and hope your weekend has been awesome!

    1. My weekend was definitely better. In fact I woke up Friday morning & my mood seemed to have done a complete 180.

  2. Love what you got in your box!! Thanks for joining in (and Shane is THE BEST!)

  3. Thanks for participating in the box swap! Looks like you received some amazing gifts! Happy Belated Valentine's Day! XOXO