Saturday, February 8, 2014

Ohh We're Half Way There

So I'm at about 500 days into my 2nd 101 in 1001 Challenge.  Seriously, 1001 days is a LONG LONG time!  I always start out with the best intentions but as time goes on I forget about certain goals that I've set for myself.  When I started this 2nd challenge I was about a month into my 1st year of teaching.  Now, I'm 4 months away from finishing up my 2nd year of teaching and at the end of the challenge I will have just finished my 3rd!  Not that it's really an excuse as to why I am not doing so hot but a lot can change in 1001 days.  Hell I'm not where I thought I'd be 8 months in the world am I supposed to know what exactly I'll be able to do/want to do 1001 days in the future? (That's about 2 years & 9 months by the way)


Completed (14)
1. Begin list of 101 in 1001
12. Pay for someone behind me in a drive thru
13. Visit 5 more states
24. Answer the 50 questions that will free your mind
25. Go on at least 1 road trip
34. Own a pair of Justin boots
52. Go to 3 concerts
59. Run a 5K
60. Give up pop for a month
62. Leave a note in a book
63. Give up fast food for a month
68. Participate in the Color Run
70. Leave a 100% tip
80. Go skinny dipping

Failed (17)
2. Attend the gym/workout at least once a week
3. Complete Project 365 2013
5. Complete 50 Book Challenge 2012
6. Complete 50 Book Challenge 2013
16. Participate in Warrior Dash
26. Go all out for my 25th birthday
30. Go to church at least once a month
32. Create weekly meal plans
35. Watch a new movie once a month
36. Volunteer once a month
39. Have an annual SST meet up
40. Cook every day for a year w/a crockpot (technically I could still do it but I don't cook everyday so...)
41. Cook a meal a day with Rachel Ray (see the last one...)
48. Drink 48 oz of water daily
57. Kiss someone every year on NYE
85. Watch the sunrise weekly (ambitious much?)
89. Get a teaching job in MN (technically I still could for next school year.  Remember what I said about not knowing what I'm going to want over 2.5 years down the road?  Yeah this would be one of them.  I can't afford to nor do I really want to move back to MN)

In Progress (19)
4. Complete Project 365 2014 (although I forgot about it & only just now realized that I've been doing it via the photo a day on Instagram @briannemcc)
7. Complete 50 Book Challenge 2014 (I'm on #4...slightly behind schedule)
8. Complete A-Z Book Challenge (I've gotten halfway through the alphabet)
19. Stick to a budget every month
31. Have at least 30% of my student loans paid off
37. Donate blood 3 times
38. Have an annual student teaching meet up
45. Go to a rodeo once a year
50. Complete A-Z Movie Challenge (I've only completed 11 letters)
61. Blog weekly
67. Complete 5 projects on my Pinterest DIY board
69. Complete the A-Z Travel Challenge (8 letters...)
71. Read 5 Autobiographies
76. Get 1000 Twitter Followers ( this doesn't really matter to me anymore...)
86. Read all Nicholas Sparks books
88. Complete TX bucket list
90. Stop biting my nails (this goes in phases...currently in a biting them phase)
92. Have a college friends meet up annually
96. Complete the top 10 things to do in Houston

Still Haven't Started (51)
9. Keep a hand written diary & write in it daily for a year (if I want to accomplish this I have to start it no later than June 15th of this year...)
10. Get engaged
11. Get married (The chances of this one happening are NIL...I'm not even in an official relationship, therefore I'm not engaged, & I want to get married in the fall meaning it would have to be THIS fall & I will not plan a wedding in less than a year so even if I magically get engaged before this ends a wedding won't happen)
14. Participate in Relay for Life
15. Participate in Breast Cancer Walk
17. Go camping 4 times
18. Donate $1 to charity for every goal not completed
20. Throw a dart at a map & go
21. Do a boudoir shoot
22. Travel to DC
23. Go back to Europe
27. Get on a cleaning schedule
28. Go to NYC
29. See a play
33. Visit 2 national parks
42. Visit LA
43. Visit Philly
44. Attend Aldine HS 2014 Graduation (those are the kids I student taught)
46. Visit Canada
47. Visit Mexico
49. Buy a truck and/or Challenger (the chances of this happening are slim to none seeing as I just bought a Fusion back in September but hey ya never know...)
51. Sleep in the bed of a truck under the stars
53. Complete a coloring book
54. Go to 15 pro baseball games (that's now 7/8 a year...I went to 0 last season)
55. Watch the sunrise & sunset in the same day
56. See a pro baseball game in 3 new ballparks
58. Buy a "good" camera
64. See Josh Abbott Band in concert (technically I saw them about a month before the challenge started & even met them...but it didn't fall in the parameters & rather than come up with a new one I'll just have to see them again...)
65. Own a pair of Tony Lama boots
66. Own a pair of Toms Shoes
72. Tie a note to a balloon & let go.
73. Learn how to swim
74. Learn Spanish
75. Learn how to drive a manual
77. Learn 5 songs on the guitar
78. Go geocaching
79. Do a scavenger hunt
81. Be the MOH in a wedding (for the record I'm invited to 5 so far in 2014 & I'm in 0)
82. Complete the A-Z Photo Challenge
83. Take photos from facebook & put them in albums
84. Go to a drive in movie
87. Be a part of a flash mob
91. Stay off Facebook for a week
93. Have my name carved in a tree
94. Complete the 100 snapshots challenge
95. Go to a comedy club
97. Open up a cookbook randomly & make that recipe
98. Don't swear for a week (probabaly not gonna fuckin comes out of my mouth without much thought...)
99. Get a library card & use it
100. Have at least 1 kid
101. Photograph the same spot once a month for a year (also probably not going to happen since I'm not even in the same state for every month of the year...)

As it stands I'm going to be donating a lot of money to some charity...

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