Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Lovin You Is Fun

This quote is perfect for 2 reasons.  One, it's accurate.  Two, I've been binge watching Dawson's Creek for a couple of weeks now.

We may have only known each other for 8.5 months & we may not even have an official title but this describes Mr. Fireman.  And the fact that we don't have an official title is exactly why I'm here (see rant tomorrow...)

Dear concerned friends & family,
Mr. Fireman & I may not have an official title but that's okay because:

-He is by far the best friend I have in Texas & is one of my best friends out of all of my friends.

-He let's me be me.  I have never once felt the need to censor myself in any sort of way around him & yet he still accepts me for exactly who I am.

-Even without some official title he treats me better & cares about me (& shows it) more than most of the men in everyone else's relationships.

-Not only does he ask about my day he actually listens & tries to fix it if it's not a good day.

-Even if it's a random comment, he remembers.  Even better, he ask about it/bring it up at a later date.

-He always makes me smile...even when I wanna be mad.

-He willingly acts like an idiot with me.

-He lets me cry & doesn't get weirded out when I do.

-He knows exactly how to & when to kiss me.

-He tells me his problems as well as the good things that are happening to him.

-I trust him more than I've ever trusted any other man before...and the same in reverse.

-When I get way too excited about something he laughs & gets excited with me.

-He lets me be random & spontaneous.

-Despite the fact that he has to sleep on his side he will hold me next to him until I've just about fallen asleep before letting go so that he can sleep too.

-He always makes sure that I'm taken care of...even when I don't think I need to be (like offering to drop me off and pick me up from work so I can get my car fixed despite the fact that we live 20 minutes apart & he also has a job)

I could go on & on as to why I'm okay with not having a title & not knowing what to tell people when they ask "exactly what are you two?"  The answer?  We're happy.  We're content.  We're letting things happen as they come.  

I'm okay with it because despite not having an official relationship title, we have the type of relationship I want...

Will I be okay forever without knowing if it's going to end up somewhere serious such as moving in together, getting engaged, getting married, having a family?  No.  Someday I'll have to know if that is or isn't going to happen.  But until then...

Easton Corbin - Lovin You Is Fun



  1. I binge watched Dawson's creek in college. One episode a day for like a year. I seriously think I almost went into states of depression during sad parts of the show. It was not good at all. I got WAY too involved with their fake lives. Ha!

    1. Lol I've only cried a couple times so far but I've definitely been that way with other shows.

  2. eh, who needs labels. for the longest time, i didn't call my husband my "boyfriend" when we were dating because we enjoyed each other's company and that was enough for me.

    -kathy | Vodka and Soda

    1. Agreed. I only really start to stress about it when everyone around me tries to figure out what we are & why we don't have an official title.

  3. Good for you. I dated my husband for a few years and he told me he never wanted to get married. I figured as long as we were having fun, who needed a plan? It ended up working out for us so I try to remember that when friends are in label-less relationships; it isn't my business.

    1. That's my thing. Life usually never works out how you plan for it to anyway so why try to plan something when we're having fun as is?