Friday, January 31, 2014

The Day I Thought Would Never Get Here

1. Due to more strange winter weather, work was cancelled again on Tuesday so I got to sleep in, enjoy my coffee & homemade pancakes, & finally begin to clean out my DVR.
2. Convincing Mr. Fireman to do something spontaneous was a whole lot easier than I expected.  Without any reservation whatsoever, despite having to work the next day, he agreed to go to a BBQ Cook Off with me to see Curtis Grimes.  I'm so excited!
3. I got to talk to my daddy on the phone for the first time in quite awhile.

1. Monday started off a little rough.  My phone went to shit causing me to leave 10 minutes later than normal putting me in foggy, heavy traffic, causing me to arrive to work 15-20 minutes later than normal, along with forgotten coffee & a thrown off work schedule (don't worry my phone got fixed & the day flew by w/o a hitch)
2. I got a phone call Tuesday morning from Art Teacher Friend, her fiance cheated on her... (they've been engaged all of 2 months)

The Friday Five
Seeing as today is the last day of January (where did the month go?!) I thought I'd share 5 things I'm looking forward to in February.

1. My parents are coming to visit for 4 days.
2. The kickball league I joined starts up.
3. The Walking Dead comes back.
4. I'm going to San Antonio to visit a friend & go to the rodeo.
5. Pre-season for Major League Baseball begins.


  1. Yay for a fun February ahead!!! And here's to hoping there is more happies than crappies next week! Happy Friday, and thanks for linking up!! Y'all have a wonderful weekend!!

  2. That is a super crapy about your friend's fiancé! I hope you have fun with your parents visiting. =)

  3. YES Walking Dead! Did you see the Walking Dead thing that's coming to Houston? You can either be a zombie (with make-up that they apply!) or run from the zombies for a few miles. I really want to do it!