Monday, December 16, 2013

No Humbug Challenge Week 3

(12/10) Day 17: Leave a couple of coins behind for someone else to discover.
(12/11) Day 18: Deliver hot chocolate to a neighbor.
(12/12) Day 19: Volunteer.
(12/13) Day 20: Turn off your phone & press play on a Christmas classic.
(12/14) Day 21: Help someone lighten up & carry their groceries to their car.
(12/15) Day 22: Leave someone an anonymous love note.
(12/16) Day 23: Surprise the person behind you in line with a free coffee.
10: I literally never have cash so leaving coins behind is not an option.
11: It just didn't happen.  I don't really know any of my neighbors.
12: I also just didn't volunteer.
13: I have been playing some Christmas music in my classroom.
14: Again, I don't really know my neighbors & I haven't really been to the store to carry anything for anyone.
15: No anonymous notes were left...
16: I didn't go get coffee at all because I'm broke so I have just been making it at home.

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