Saturday, November 30, 2013

Be Thankful For This Day

Every year November rolls around & people flock to Facebook each day to say one thing they're thankful for.  I did not do this.  Partly because I find it annoying.  As a general rule it seems that the only people that post these are those that are mostly negative the rest of the year.  Also, you should be thankful EVERYDAY not just the days in November leading up to Thanksgiving.  However, about a week in I decided to make a list for myself, mostly because I'm working on a memories jar for my 25th year on this planet.  

1. Happy hour at Wings N More with awesome friends.
2. Having friends who are willing to call me while I'm on an awful date so that I can end it.
3. Mr. Fireman coming to my rescue yet again by allowing me to park my car at his house while I'm in MN.
4. Mr. Fireman finally watching the newest episode of The Walking Dead so that I would have someone to talk about it with.
5. PAY DAY!!
6. The school police officer who let me in when I got back to work from Subway during lunch because the back door was locked & I hadn't signed out.
7. Saving over $50 on my flight home for Christmas, my students being well behaved all day, & Mr. Fireman texting me out of the blue just to talk when I was starting to believe I really was the only one putting in any effort.
8. Waking up completely happy for the 2nd day in a row & realizing that I had hit a turning point in my life.
9. Having an amazing friend back in Minnesota to entertain me all night w/snapchats when my date cancelled on me.
10: Finally getting to watch an episode of The Walking Dead with Mr. Fireman instead of discussing it after the fact over the phone.
11. Mr. Fireman keeping me company by playing Words with Friends with me & Kickass Cousin talking zombie talk with my while I'm stuck at home sick.
12. Getting a free copy of Steven Spielberg's "Lincoln" because I'm a teacher.
13. My classroom actually being warm for once...despite a drastic temperature drop outside.
14. Happy Hour with my Art Teacher friend.
15. Getting to talk to my daddy on the phone.
16. Finally exploring Tomball on my own.
17. Mr. Fireman coming to my rescue again by enabling me to actually speak out loud to another human being for the first time all day when he invited me over for pizza, beer, & The Walking Dead.
18. Getting a break from Insanity (Hello rest day!)
19. Two of my seniors from last year came to visit me.
20. Another one of my previous seniors coming to visit me.
21. Happy hour which included tall beers, burgers, Jenga, & a jukebox with my friend the Art Teacher.
22. Finally getting to fly back to Minnesota to see my family.
23. Finally getting back in the deer stand after missing the 1st 2 weeks of hunting.
24. Spending time with my daddy & baby bro hunting.
25. Getting to see my favorite roommate from college for the first time since this summer.
26. Finally getting to meet Kickass Cousin's newest little one.
27. Getting to see old friends from high school.
28. Delicious food & time with family.
29. My parents being happily married for 27 years today.
30. Heading back to warmer weather in Texas.


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