Friday, July 26, 2013

Happies & Crappies

1. I got to spend an awesome day with my former college roommate & best friend from college on Monday which included coffee, shopping, & some time at the beach.
2. I had a good time at a girls' night BBQ on Wednesday where we pigged out on burgers, bacon wrapped jalapenos, & oreo salad.
3. On Thursday I went to St. Cloud (my college town) & while she was in a meeting I walked around campus taking pictures...I really miss that place.
4. While on campus I decided to see if my former advisor/professor was there & we ended up talking for over an hour.
5. Super excited to go to the county fair this evening to eat some good food, drink some beer, see some animals, & listen to some live music.
6. The Fireman called me yesterday & while texting is nice I loved getting to hear his voice after over a week.
1. I really have's been a really busy, fun week.  I suppose the only crappy thing is that it's been 2 weeks since I last saw the Fireman & it'll be at least another 12 days before I see him again...this whole month apart thing is getting really difficult.
2. Oh & it's that time of the month & for the first time in, well I don't know how long, thanks to I assume a switch in my BC I've had insane cramps & fairly bad headaches.

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