Sunday, May 19, 2013

Looking For Something To Read

Day 19: 5 of Your Favorite Blogs
Before I even looked at the list of blogs I follow I knew this would be hard.  Not in a, how will I choose only 5 kind of way, but in a how am I going to come up with 5 kind of way.  I used to follow SO many fun, interesting people.  Not that I don't enjoy the people I follow now, obviously I do or I wouldn't be following them, but I used to have way more people where I made sure to read EVERY post they wrote.  So I went to my blog list & cleared out a good half of the ones that I follow because they just don't blog anymore.  There used to be a girl from Oklahoma where her & her husband had such a fun & loving relationship that I enjoyed reading about their lives...they were such an inspiration. She quit.  I had friends that blogged. They quit.  There was a girl from the North East who was so much like me that everything she blogged I felt like I was thinking the same thing.  She quit.  You get the idea.  So I'm not going to give you 5.  I'm not going to lie.  Instead, here are the 2 people I follow where I make sure to read EVERY single one of their posts.  That should count for something right?  They are just in alphabetical order by the way...
1. Figuring Out The Plot - Tiffany

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  1. I like the two you supplied and your devotion to these blogs definitely counts for all five!