Monday, May 13, 2013

I'm So Sorry

Day 13: Issue A Public Apology
-8 years, 1 week, & 1 day ago 2 people in my hometown died in a car accident.  I made a post about it 3 years ago on the 5 year anniversary.  You can read more about them & the accident here. This post is about an apology though.  The girl in the accident was a year older than me.  I didn't even really know her at the time, in fact I never REALLY knew her, but for some dumb reason I was a catty girl.  I don't even really recall what grade I was in...8th? 9th?  I called her an unflattering name & not even to her face.  To this day I couldn't tell you why.  Regardless we spent the next year or so not liking each other.  Then my sophomore year of high school I got my first job at a hotel.  I only worked there from February - April of 2005.  Suddenly Joy was working there too.  I was also a boys' basketball manager at the time & she was dating the star player.  So we're working together all day & I had to leave early because the boys were in the finals so it had to have been March.  Joy wanted to go so I sat there trying to think of ways for her to get out of work early with me & to spit out a long over due apology.  She ended up working the whole shift & showed up at the game later.  Some of my friends were then talking trash about her & I stood up for her.  Less than 2 months later though she was gone.  Maybe trying to help her get out of work to see her boyfriend & standing up for her when others we talking trash were my way of apologizing but it bugged me for a VERY long time that I never actually said "I'm sorry." 
So, Joy, I'm sorry that I acted like such a child, like a stereotypical junior high/high school girl.  I'm sorry that I never had the guts to actually spit out an apology while we worked side by side for hours.

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