Monday, April 1, 2013

This Weekend I...

This Weekend I...

Bridgette & Meg
-Picked up my friend Bridgette from the airport around 10 pm
-Went to a bar in the town I live in
-Ran into 3 teachers that I work with & played Jenga
This Weekend I...

-Explored NASA w/Bridgette
-Tried to go to the Kemah Boardwalk w/Bridgette
-Met up with Meg & her boyfriend Dustin for Happy Hour
-Went to a country bar with Bridgette, Meg, Amanda, Samantha, & Alina where we met a group of really great guys
-Hung out with those guys into the next morning
This Weekend I...
-Went to Galveston w/Bridgette
-Went to a grown-up style house party which consisted of 8 of us playing cards & drinking
This Weekend I...

-Spent Easter at the bar with Bridgette, Meg, & her boyfriend
-Went to Easter dinner at Amanda & Sam's apartment
-Talked to one of the guys from Friday night most of the day.

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