Tuesday, April 2, 2013

First Things First

I'm linking up for the first time ever for "First Things First"
1. First house or apartment on your own (rented or owned).In July 2008, at 19 years old, I moved in with my then boyfriend & a mutual guy friend to a really nice 2 bedroom, one bathroom apartment.  It had it's ups & downs...lots of downs actually but it was still a really great apartment.  My boyfriend & I broke up until after we no longer lived together.  There was a huge fall out between our friend & us to the point where the 2 of us stopped being friends until a few years later.  I've lived in 3 more apartments since then & moved back in with my parents for awhile as well.

2. First room you decorated or would like to decorate.
I don't really do what I would consider decorating right now because I have never stayed in an apartment for real long & the one that I did I shared with 3 other girls.  It was mostly just pictures & a few posters that I would hang on the wall.  I have plenty of ideas for when I get my own house though.  My "For The Home" Pinterest board is off the chain.

3. First thing you bought for it, or would like to buy.Again, I haven't really bought anything because I don't really have a permanent place. Pinterest has been great for dreaming though.


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