Tuesday, April 16, 2013

First Things First

1. First movie you saw without your parents.
-The Lion King.  It was with A parent but neither of mine.  I randomly think about going to that movie a lot actually.  I went with a friend from daycare & her mom.  I remember her mom packing her purse full of snacks so that we didn't have to buy any at the snack counter.  I also remember we were late.  We walked in at the part where Scar slams his paw down on the little mouse at the beginning.  We weren't friends much beyond elementary school but we weren't enemies either.  It wasn't until a couple years ago that we reconnected on Facebook & talk here and there.  It's been a few years now but her mom died of breast cancer.  Now every time I see that movie, and randomly, I think about her mom & that day.
As far as the first movie I saw without an adult, I don't remember.  I can guarantee though that it was probably my freshman year of high school with my best friend because we spent every Friday at our little one screen movie theater in our town.
2. First sport you played.
-Little league softball and figure skating probably started about the same time.  Softball may have started first but not by a long shot if so.  I continued to play softball through my sophomore year of high school and quit figure skating around my freshman year of high school.  I miss both desperately and wish I had put more effort into both and hadn't quit.
3. First major injury.
-I, knock on wood, have never had a major injury.

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