Monday, April 15, 2013

200 Days In

#2: Workout at least once a week - On top of Insanity, Hip Hop Abs has also started
#3: Complete Project 365 2013 - Check!
#6: Complete 50 Book Challenge 2013 - I've read 6 now...hopefully I get a lot of reading done over the summer or I'll never hit 50
#8: Complete AZ Book Challenge - I added in the letter G, 10 down 16 to go.
#9: Keep a hand written diary & write in it everyday for a year - Check!
#16: Participate in Warrior Dash - See here
#19: Create a budget every month - Check!
#35: Watch a new movie once a month - My March movie was "The Call"
#45: Go to a rodeo once a year - For 2013 I've now gone to San Antonio & Houston
#50: Complete AZ Movie Challenge - I added in the letter A, 7 down 19 to go.
#59: Run a 5K - See #16...and here
#63: Go one month without fast food - I gave it up for Lent & for once I didn't cheat so not only did I actually gave it up for more than a month!
#86: Read all Nicholas Sparks books - I've now added in the Guardian
#88: Complete Texas bucket list - I went to South Padre for spring break

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