Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I Need A Little More Information

On Saturday I decided I needed to contact a recruiter.  I have a few questions that I would like answered before I keep moving forward with this decision.  I emailed one in Minnesota because if I sign that's where I want to do it out of.  I'm sure there will be more questions down the road but right now these are what I wanted to know.  Most specifically the first one.  He responded on Monday & told me to call him when I get a chance.

-I won't be home until around June 12th & have until July 14th to get out of my teaching contract with no penalty; if I were to talk to someone when I got home how long would the process take to know if I would even be accepted?
1-3 Months depending on if you have had any medical issues.
-How does the whole process work? Should I start the process in mid-June, approximately when would MEPS & shipping out occur?
From the moment you meet us till MEPS is all dependent on you. It could be as early as 2 weeks or 3 months.
-How exactly does DEP work?
Once a month you will be required to attend a DEP Commanders Call which gives you the opportunity to meet new people and also get ready for basic training.
-I have a college degree but am not convinced that I would want to attempt to go in as an officer; how common is it for someone with a degree to forego that option? What are the pros/cons of both options?
Becoming an officer really depends on what you degree is and what your GPA is. Remember that these Officer slots are highly competitive. There are numerous Pro's and Con's with going both ways. See Below!
-I have student loans that I am in the process of paying back; will I be able to keep paying them back on time during training?
 Yes, we also have a college loan payoff program as well.

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