Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Military Occupational Specialty

I've been doing more & more research on the Air Force & I decided that I should come up with more than 3 options for my MOS. Why? Well first of all I have no idea what I'm going to score on my ASVAB so I may need to broaden my horizens depending on what I score. Secondly, the MOS has to be available at the time I go in so 3 may be limiting it...especially when I was on the fence about one. So here is my brand new list in nothing more than alphabetical order. My top 5 are bolded.
  1. Aerospace Control & Warning Systems
  2. Aircrew Flight Equipment
  3. Broadcast Journalist
  4. Cryptologic Linguist
  5. Geospatial Intelligence
  6. Logisitcs Pans
  7. Personnel
  8. Public Affairs Specialist
  9. Special Investigations Officer
  10. Still Photography Specialist
  11. Weather Specialist
Training for these different MOS varies from 26 days to 146 days beyond the 8.5 weeks of basic training. Locations vary as well from MS to TX to MD to CA.

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