Tuesday, February 26, 2013

It's Time To Start Training

Remember when I started C25K training?  Then I quit because I went home & had to deal with cold & ice for 2 weeks.  Remember when I started Insanity?  Well I'm technically still doing that...but I just took a week off due to car appointments & going out of town & I'll be taking a week off for spring break.  So my newest thing?  The one that I need/want to stick to.  While playing around on the Air Force's website I found a "Training for Basic Training" program.  Which while I love what Insanity is doing for me it's not really helping with running, push-ups, or sit-ups which is what I need to be able to do.  1.5 miles in 14 min 21 seconds, 27 push-ups in a minute, & 50 sit-ups in a minutes. 

It's a 14 week program where you work on all of those things 3-5 times a week.  I want to finish the 14 weeks my last week in Houston which means I need to start next week!  So starting March 3 I will not only be doing Insanity but I'm going to start this new training.  Luckily Insanity is only like 45 minutes & this new training only takes about 30 minutes.  Plus, Insanity ends March 31 so then I'll definitely have time.

My goal is to be able to run a 7 minute mile, or as close to it as possible by the time I get home.  To meet minimum graduation standards I have to run essentially a 10 minute mile.  To qualify at the top level you have to be able to run a mile in just over 7 minutes. 

Why aim for minimum when you can aim for the top?

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  1. this is awesome! what a big life decision and good for you!