Sunday, February 24, 2013

150 Days In

#2: Workout at least once a week: I've started doing Insanity which is 6 days a week (I'm 20 days away from my first 5K!)

#3: Complete Project 365 2013: So far so good!

#6: Complete 50 Book Challenge 2013: I've read 4.5 books so far this year (I'm going to have to start reading more if I want to make my goal!)

#8: Complete AZ Book Challenge: I've read the letters A, B, C, D, H, L, M, R, S, V

#9: Write in a diary everyday for a year: So far so good!

#19: Create a budget every month: So far so good!

#35: Watch a new movie once a month: I watched Silver Linings Playbook & Safe Haven in February

#45: Go to a rodeo at least once a year: I went to the San Antonio Rodeo on February 17th.

#50: Complete AZ Movie Challenge: I've seen the letters C, L, P, S, T, W

#61: Blog at least once a week: So far so good!

#62: Leave a note in a book: As a part of my 28 Random Acts of Kindness I left 6 notes in random books

#69: Complete AZ Travel Challenge: I've been to letters D, F, G, H, S

#88: Complete Texas bucket list: I checked off San Antonio Rodeo

8 Complete
19 In Progress
7 Failed
67 Unattempted

1 comment:

  1. Jealous of the rodeo! I've not been to San Antonio, but my cousin and I have a trip planned in May! I'm so excited!