Saturday, January 5, 2013

The First 100 Days

It's been a month since I updated!
#2. Workout at least once a week: CHECK!
#3. Project 365 2013: In Progress
#5. Complete 50 Book Challenge 2012: FAIL! -- I read 12
#6. Complete 50 Book Challenge 2013: In Progress
#9. Keep a hand written diary & write in it daily for a year: In Progress
#19. Create a monthly budget: CHECK!
#35. Watch a new movie once a month: In Progress -- Parental Guidance (awesome btw I was dying of laughter & bawling my eyes out.) In Dec. I also saw Campaign & Trouble with the Curve...Trouble with the Curve loved it.  Campaign...ehh which saddened me because I love Will Ferrell & Zach Galifinakis.  My January movie was Pitch Perfect...loved it!
#39. Have a social studies ed meet-up at least once a year: In Progress -- It was impromptu & not everyone was there but 4 of us celebrated NYE together
#50. Complete AZ Movie Challenge: In Progress --P, W, T
#52. Go to 3 concerts: COMPLETE!
#57. Have someone to kiss every year on NYE: FAIL!...I passed out by 11 & had no one to kiss anyway. Single girl problems.
#60. Give up pop for a month: COMPLETE!
#61. Blog at least once a week: CHECK!
#63. Go 1 month without fast food: In Progress (I completed my no fast food Dec but I cheated once so I'm not counting that at a full month)
#67. Complete 5 Pinterest projects: In Progress -- Infinity scarf, sewn map, coffee mugs.
#70. Leave 100% tip: COMPLETE! -- On NYE I paid $20 for a $10 cab ride
#71. Read 5 autobiographie: In Progress -- Ellen "Seriously, I'm Kidding" (READ IT!  I read it in a day & laughed so hard.)
#86. Read all Nicholas Sparks books: In Progress -- Recently finished Safe Haven (So good & movie comes out V-Day 2013)
#92. Have a college meet-up at least once a year: In Progress -- Met up with my 3 old roommates & our other 3 good friends.

The First 100 Days Count:
Completed: 7
In Progress: 17
Failed: 7
Not Yet Begun: 70

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