Friday, January 11, 2013

5K Friday

Monday January 7: Guess who didn't run again...yeah this girl.  My excuse?  It was so exhausted from having flown in the night before & having to get up early.  Also, it was cold & I could feel myself tensing up just walking outside let alone trying to run.  I did finally weigh myself again.  I'll post it all at the bottom but I managed somehow to lose 1.5 pounds from the last time I had weighed myself despite not running at all & eating through the holidays.

Wednesday January 9: Nope.  Didn't happen.  We were in a flood road even had "Caution: High Water" signs.

Friday January 11: No.  My program is a 3 day a week thing so by today there's no running.  Luckily I did the math and even if I completely restart the program, which I might, I will finish just in time for my Warrior Dash on March 16.

Day 43:
Weight - 165.1 lbs (I lost 1.5 lbs)
Body Fat Weight - 42.7 lbs (I went down 1 lb)
Body Fat Percentage - 25.9% (Down .4%)
Body Water Percentage - 54% (Up .2%)
Bone Mass Value - 7.1% (Stayed the same)
BMI - 23.8 (Down .3)

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