Sunday, September 30, 2012

September Photo Checklist

Football games
The first home football game of the season for the high school I teach at.

Tailgating parties
You can't have a tailgating party without beer.

Fishing excitement
I bought a MN fishing licence & never used it...again.  I don't have a TX fishing license which is okay because a) I'm not paying non-resident rates & b) I don't have time.  Needless to say no fishing excitement for me this month.

Family in sweaters
I live in Texas now & with an average high of 90 everyday for the month of September families are not walking around in sweaters.  Of course Target has some though & they are cute...too bad it's too hot to buy.

Apple-picking events
The closet apple orchard is over an hour from me so store bought apples will have to do.

Freshly baked cookies
They were pre-packaged but still delicious.

Leaves changing color
Remember when I said a couple photos up I moved to Texas?  Yeah, that means that this is as much leaves are changing colors down here.  I miss bright red, orange, & yellow leaves terribly.

Visits with grandparents
Still in Texas...which means there will be no visiting of grandparents this month.  I haven't seen any of my family since August & I won't be seeing them again until November.  My neighbor lady is a grandma though.

Catching the bus
I don't ride the bus.  I drive 30 minutes to school everyday.  This is one of the buses in my district though.

Wearing the first-day of-school outfit
This isn't what I wore on the first day because we started back in August but it is a school outfit.

Packing the first lunch
School started for us back in August so while this isn't my FIRST is my lunch.

Meeting the Teacher
I'm the teacher!

Stacking the kids’ schoolbooks
I teach economics & government.

Seeing or walking into the new classroom
This is the view of my classroom from my desk.

Reading the School Schedule
This is the bell schedule, September calendar, & some student work.

Buying new backpacks and shoes
While neither are new I am in love with my bag & my shoes.

Car rides through the canyons or mountains

I live in East Texas...there are no canyons or mountains.  I took a car ride through a rural area instead.

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