Saturday, August 18, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

I stopped adding captions to my photos a long long time ago but so many people keep asking about them I figure I should start doing so again.

1. Forest
This is the only edited photo.  I live in a small-ish town (9000 people) but I still live IN town so I had to drive around a little to find something that could be considered a forest.

2. Morning Light
I recently moved down to the Houston area for a teaching job.  This is from my morning commute to work on the beltway.  Don't worry traffic was pretty stand still when I took it.

3. Touch
That's me...touchin my mirror.

4. Newspaper
This is my new town's weekly paper.

5. Coffee or Tea
I just moved into my apartment & I don't have a coffee maker.  Really though when there's a heat index of 100 everyday I'm not in the mood for hot coffee anyway.


  1. Great minds think alike for touch! Great shots, morning light is great!

  2. I love the name of the local paper... "The Potpourri". How can they possibly report anything bad?! Creative Touch photo.

  3. A girl's got to do what she can when there isn't a coffee maker :) Love your mug!

  4. Love your touch shot; very creative!

  5. Great set...I really like your forest shot.

  6. so i joined and then forgot to leave a comment??

    i actually think i got caught up in reading your story, then maybe the phone rang!!

    great set, i enjoyed reading about your move and starting a new adventure!!

  7. Nice shots, Brianne - I like your treatment of forest!

  8. Your Morning Light is great! I really like your Forest shot, too. :)

  9. Your two first photos look great. LOVE your coffee shot also..

  10. I appreciate the labels. I also was hoping this would be THE post.

  11. Great set this week! Love the forest!