Friday, April 20, 2012

A New Record?

I haven't blogged in over 2 months!  Student teaching has really kept me busy.  I don't exactly have time right now to blog either as I need to bring my roommate to the airport soon.  I just figured I'd check in real quick while I'm waiting for him to pack up.  I promise to have updates of my time down here in TX.  I'm trying to do it in video form so it may take a little while.

As of today I have exactly one week left.  I'm feel extremely conflicted.  Even more so than when I left to come down here almost 4 months ago.  My emotions are definitely running high.  My cooperating teacher's baby is sick so since he's staying home I got the day off.  I'm getting next Tue off too because of state testing.  Since 2 of my roommates are at school & the other is about to fly off to Denver for an interview I'm going to take advantage of some alone time with my camera & head down to Kemah.  I haven't been there yet & I have a student that keeps telling me to go.  I'm thinking San Antonio next Tue since all 3 of the roommates will have school.  Packing & cleaning have definitely been put on the back burner...

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