Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My Life In Texas Jan 24-Jan 30

Tue. Jan 24: I finally worked out again for the first time in a few days.  This time off has got to stop...which I'm pretty sure I said before.  I did 30 min on the eliptical & then some ab work.  It felt amazing.  Now I just have to keep myself motivated daily because I love how I feel everytime I do workout.  By 5th period I was worn out & kept thinking it was the end of the day.  I stayed up too late again last night.  My book is almost done though.  I have less than 25 pages left of A Soft Place To Land.  Today the kids did a gallery walk.  It's where they walk around the room to different posters & have to fill out some sort of chart.  Today was challenging for the kids & I loved it.  Especially that they got so into it.  They are learning about the American Revolution so there were 7 different quotes on the board & based on what they read they had to analyze the quote & decide whether the quote was said by a Patriot or a Loyalist.  They then had to put it into a T chart & paraphrase it.

Wed. Jan 25: I got observed today while teaching.  I'd say it went pretty good.  The only thing she told me I needed to do was go over the objective on the board (which I normally do), expand on their warm up (which I normally do), & to tell them the purpose of the lesson.  It was a really weird day for her to come observe.  The kids just started a research project & only have 2 days in the lab so I was trying to get them their ASAP.  Which is why I probably forgot about the objective & the warm-up was just giving them the correct responses to their 30 question test they had just taken.  I wouldn't normally have gone into depth on their test questions unless there were questions on specific ones anyway but I definitely didn't have time to go into all 30 of them when they only have 50 min for the entire period.  But for that being the only things I need to work on after my first observation in student teaching I'd say that's pretty damn good.  After school all of the student teachers were supposed to have a 2 hour meeting but due to rain, so weird ha, it got cancelled.  Kathy & I tried out this Mexican place across the street from us.  It was pretty good.  We then lost all motivation to do anything so I did nothing but read & play on the computer when we got back.  On the brightside I'm over halfway through my 3rd book since I got down here.

Thur. Jan 26: Today was completely boring.  The kids did research all day in the computer lab so I literally walked around in a circle for about 6 hours today.  I did work out again though.  And for a roommate rant.  I am officially done doing the dishes & taking out the garbage.  Except for 2, maybe 3 times, I am the only one who has done the dishes at all...and we have a dishwasher it's not like it's hard.  They will seriously just let them pile up in the sink.  So pile up they shall... I also am the only one who has taken out the trash except for once or twice when someone helped me.  After this actually being brought up before I went all, well perhaps passive, but I made a sign for the fridge that says dishes are clean on one side & dishes are dirty on the other.  It was the last straw when the dishwasher clearly had room for more dishes because I had just emptied it & put just a few in and I walked out to some new plates & silverware just sitting in the sink.  Needless to say I'm about to get even more passive/bitchy & only do my dishes.  If they want the rest to pile up...fine.  Eat of the floor for all I give a shit.

Fri. Jan 27: Today was another boring day at school.  The kids did the same thing only this time in the library instead of a computer lab.  This week went by incredibly fast though considering that the 3 research days seemed to drag on.  My after school plan was to go to Walmart & then go workout.  What actually happened was I went to Walmart & then started drinking.  I was just in a weekend drinking kinda mood.  Matt, Kathy, Darin, & I went out with one of the teachers I work with, Zach, to celebrate his friends birthday.  She really didn't seem like she was having fun at all.  The night was alright.  It was certainly better than sitting at home doing nothing.  We took my car & I paid for parking so I didn't have to pay for a single drink so that was nice.  I got the best hotdog of my life for $3.  Seriously, it was like heaven.

Sat. Jan 28: Kathy & I decided to go on a picnic.  We went to a park, ate some PB & J, read a little, & got our tan on for a couple of hours.  After we went to this little diner for a burger.  I really liked it.  The food was average but the diner just felt like back home.  It was a little mom & pop place but it felt small town even though we were in the middle of a major city.  While we were there we found a little book of things to do & we found out that there was an artwalk going on in Galveston so we headed down there for the rest of the day.  We had a lot of time to kill before the walk started so we checked out an old cemetery, drove around, & hung out on the beach.  I was so psyched to finally get to see the Gulf of Mexico in the daylight.  When we finally got to the artwalk we were a little let down.  It was alright but it wasn't amazing or anything.  We decided to head back home so we could meet up with Darin, Kevin, Tiff, Alina, & Zach to go to Whiskey River.  It. Was. A. Blast.  I learned to two-step & found out where all the cowboys in this town are.  We will definitely be going back.

Sun. Jan 29: Kathy & I got brunch at a little diner down the road from us.  It was alright.  If I ever went back I wouldn't get the same thing.  But hey breakfast is breakfast.  Especially after a night of dancing, whiskey, & tequila.  I finally worked out again after taking Friday/Saturday off.  I think I've come to the realization that Friday/Saturday workouts probably aren't going to happen.  Not a whole lot other than that got accomplished.  Once again though it's nearly 11 & I am awake...not cool.

Mon. Jan 30: The students started working on their physical timelines today.  I had to snap at my 6th hour class again.  I like some of the students as individuals, I really do.  However, for the most part I cannot stand that class.  It's the one that I dread the most each day.  Besides everyone talking all day it went fine.  During 3rd hour prep I had to follow Zach to the dealership so he could drop his car off to be repaired.  After school I then brought him home since he was carless.  To repay me for gas he bought me beer & chips at some pub ha.  Works for me.  I had another lazy day once getting home.  I thought about working out but remembered it was "cream day" ... for scabies prevention ... & didn't want to work out, shower, cream, wake up, shower, work out, shower.  Plus, I was feeling lazy so instead I read some more.

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