Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Beginning of the End

Yes, this is me putting off my update on the stuff that has actually been keeping me busy.  Why?  A) it's too overwhelming & B) I'd rather talk about school.  So please just deal with me because I promise you will still get that update on Monday.

In just 4 short days I will be back in school.  (If we wanna get all technical, which I do from time to time, in exactly 4 days my first day of school will be over.  Moving on...)  This will be my last first day of college.  I'm so excited & nervous. 

I'm so excited that I will never have to spend hundreds of dollars on textbooks again, I will never have to pay thousands of dollars in tuition again, I will never have to worry about GPAs/Grades/Homework (at least not my own), & I can start a new life anywhere I wish.

I'm nervous that I'm going to be bad at being an adult, I'm nervous about the massive amounts of student loan debt that I've managed to build up, and I'm nervous about starting over in a new place.

In 261 days (but who's counting) I will be graduating from Saint Cloud State.  Even better is that less 130 of those days (ok it's 127) will I be in class/teaching.  A year from now I could be getting ready to start a school year in my very own classroom in God only knows where.  In December I have to take a series of tests that I need to pass in order to get my teaching license.  I will get the results back in January and then I can begin applying for jobs.  At this point I plan on applying to every job available in MN, WY, & CO.  TX & OK are kind of floating on my radar too.  Really anywhere would be alright.  I don't really have any desire to live on the east coast though, not really the west coast either I suppose.  I would like to keep it to the midwest, "wild" west, & "old" south. 

Where else am I going to find a cowboy after all? Ha.

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