Sunday, April 24, 2011

100 Things About Me Part 3

51. I am terrified of snakes & spiders.

52. Blue is my favorite color.

53. I love shows about food.

54. How I get my steak cooked has gotten rarer & rarer over the years.  It went from Well Done to the current Medium-Rare.

55. I love to cook.

56. It has taken me 6 years to decide on a tattoo design.

57. I love giving presents way more than getting them.

58. I hate when people watch me open presents.

59. Summer is my favorite season.

60. I hate unnecessary movie sequels.

61. I hate how much a story changes from book to movie.

62. I geek out over large city skylines.

63.  I love thunderstorms.

64. I'm not a fan of organized religion but do believe in God & pray every night.

65. Even when things are crappy I have no regrets.

66. I tend to think too far into the future.

67. Another thing I hate about books & movies: when a character/scene in a movie is not how I pictured it in the book but whenver I read it again I can only see how it was in the movie.

68. I love the sound of sneakers on a basketball court.

69. I really do believe that bacon makes everything better.

70. I love taking pictures of anything & everything.

71. I have more desire to conquor the west coast than the east.

72. I have never voted Republican.

73. I get pissed off when people flat out don't vote...and even more pissed when they then complain.

74. Having one of my cousins tell me that because he had been so anti-pot and still ended up trying it & smoking it meant I probably would too, was the only thing that stopped me from every trying it.

75. I have never learned how to swim.

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