Friday, April 22, 2011

100 Things About Me Part 1

One of the tasks for my 101 in 1001 challenge is to create a list of 100 things about me.  I've been putting this off because just writing down a list of 100 things about me didn't seem all that exciting, even though I was the one who decided to include that in my 101 things.  But then, I was going through my blog reader this morning and was reading a post by A Little King & I when she solved my problem.  Her post today was on 100 things about her.  So then I thought "Duh!  Why didn't I think of that sooner?!"  At least by putting a list of 100 things about myself on here, you all can learn more about me & I'm not just writing a list for myself that honestly would have been tossed in the trash or deleted from Word once I crossed it off my list.  However, because I've had quite a few lengthy posts recently I'll break this down into 4 parts for you.

1. Growing up I hate my name, Brianne, because no one could say it right.  (It's Bre-Ann not Bre-Anna or Brian)

2. I have 1 younger brother.

3. I am the only girl on my dad's side of the family.

4. Because of #3 I was a huge tomboy growing up...

5. ...I used to be able to throw a football with a perfect spiral...

6. But then being friends with the "popular-girly" girls became importand & I lost my touch.

7. I have never really been into make-up & to this day only put it on very rarely.

8. My concern with being popular luckily didn't last long & I was over it by about 7th grade.

9. My sophomore year of high school was my favorite year of school.

10. I loved going to a small school.

11. Small town boys/farmers/cowboys/slight rednecks are usually my type...

12. ... but I have an unexplainable crush on Lil Wayne.

13. By the time I graduated high school I swore I was never going to live in a small town & was going to live in the Suburbs.

14.  It didn't even take 4 years in a city to realize I hate it & want to live in a small town.

15. I have only ever had 1 real boyfriend in my life (2 if you count 4 months in 6th grade).

16. I recently found a "when I'm 18 letter" written when I was 12.  My 18 year old self was exactly who my 12 year old self thought I'd be.

17.  My 22 year old self is not who my 12 year old self thought I'd be though as I am no where near marriage like 12 year old Brianne predicted.

18. I love traveling more than anything else.

19. I have been to 16/50 states...11 of those have been since my freshmen year in college.

20. Colorado is my favorite place I've ever been.

21. Saint Louis, MO comes in a fairly close 2nd.

22. I don't like holding babies before they can hold their own head because I'm afraid I'll hurt them.

23. I am so excited for my 23rd, golden, birthday that I've been planning it since my 22nd birthday.

24. I have every intention of moving to CO or WY after graduation no matter what it takes.

25. I am excited/nervous to move to Houston for 4 months where I've never been and know no one.

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