Sunday, December 12, 2010

Baby It's Cold Outside

Saying that this weekend was a cold one would be an extreme understatement.  Temperatures dropped to well below freezing (-21 with windchill at one point when I checked.)  Saturday I was supposed to work from 1p-9p.  That did not happen.  Our parking lot was filled with snow.  It came up to my knees in some parts (I'm 5'10").  So once I battled the parking lot (I was already going to be late at this point) I hit the road.  I got to the end of my street and then... bye bye windshield wiper.  It flew off.  Luckily my other one caught it.  So I went around the block back to my apartment.  I called in & told them either someone with a truck needed to come get me or I was not going in.  The decided that I just didn't need to come in.

Today wasn't a whole lot better.  On the bright side the snow had stopped.  Temperatures were still below freezing however.  I left early this morning, well a little before 9am, so that I could go get a new windshield wiper before work.  I nearly got stuck in my parking lot again.  Afte fighting with it I got out, got to the auto parts store, & safely to work.  I came home later in the evening to a freezing cold apartment.  It had been cold for awhile but down right freezing with this weekends temperatures.  Thanks to heating problems & super drafty windows are apartment was a balmy 48 degrees by the window...  the rest of the apartment wasn't much warmer.  So we turned on the oven for awhile which helped a little but not a lot.  I now lay under two comforters in jeans, long johns, socks, slippers, a long sleeve shirt, & a fleece & I'm comfortable.  Not hot or very warm by any means.

Is it spring yet???

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