Sunday, November 7, 2010

She Let Herself Go Week 3

31 Sunday: My intention was to have a homework day. Instead for most of the day I just bummed around on the internet & watched a movie. I didn't really get started on anything productive until about 5 pm. Go me!

1 Monday: My true homework day. I skipped class (well only 2, the other 2 were) I did homework all day long. I was also looking through old files on my computer & came across my "care package" file which kind of bummed me out. I was really looking forward to sending them. I guess nothing is really stopping me. It's not like any of them were romantic (ok maybe a couple but those could be skipped) I could also adopt a soldier... hmm. Be on the lookout for a care package post in the future...

2 Tuesday: I didn't have class so I was going to be productive. Instead my own roommate who hasn't been around in a long time showed up around noon so we just hung out all day. We also had a very awkward roommate dinner. There has been a lot of tension in the apartment & that was the reason behind the dinner... to try & fix that a little. Instead we sat there in silence & the two whose idea it was to have the dinner sat in the living room while me & other roommate cooked & did dishes...

3 Wednesday: Branden & I hung out for the first time since the day before my birthday. I wasn't nervous at all this time but the second I walked into his room I almost started crying. (Having Last Kiss be the last song I heard before walking it probably didn't help). After no time it was good though. We were going to watch Lost but he wanted to watch a movie. So we watched How To Train Your Dragon, which is what we were supposed to watch the day we broke up... I really liked it though. It's a super cute movie.

4 Thursday: I had quite the uneventful day. I only had one class & then worked for 7 hours. At work though I almost passed out in front of probably close to a couple dozen people. Not my classiest moment. And of course we were super busy when it happened. Sadly that's not even the first time that's happened to me at work. The first time that it happened to me at work was one of my very first days when I didn't really know anyone. Both times super embarrassing.

5 Friday: Work was far too intense & busy. I work at Gander Mountain which is like a Cabelas or Bass Pro Shop for those of you that don't know what it is. MN rifle deer season started the Saturday the 6th so of course everyone waited until the last minute to get their licenses & all of their hunting needs.

6 Saturday: Unlike the day before work was far too slow. I figured as much because everyone was out in the woods today. Apparently work did not assume the same because they put two of us up front all day. That's more than fine by me because having someone to talk & bs with makes time fly by faster. After work I headed back to my parents' place. I was in desperate need of clean clothes.

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