Friday, November 5, 2010

Coffee Shops

I love coffee shops. Not that I go to them a ton now, rarely in fact, I'm going to miss them when I move. I love everything about them. I love the smell, the feeling, the look. This summer when I had classes I would spend everyday at the campus coffee shop. I just feel so relaxed in them. It's where I did most of my blogging over the summer. I just found it so easy to write there. Words just seemed to come to me even if I hadn't thought that I had anything to say in the first place.

Caribou is my coffee place of choice. I don't even know how that started. I don't know why I chose Caribou over Starbucks (which seems to be the cooler, hipper place). That could be why. Caribou has a more outdoorsy, at home, comfort type feel. Way more me. I can't say that I hate Starbucks. I've never really had it. The only Starbucks I've ever had is the cooler type stuff you can buy at the grocery store. (I love that stuff by the way). But given a choice, even if Starbucks is closer, I will always choose Caribou. Probably because I'm a creature of habit, I know the menu, & that's where I'm comfortable.

Back in my hometown there is nothing like it. The closest Caribou is 30 minutes away & the closest coffee is the gas station. Maybe someday (by May would be great) my hometown will get with the program & build some kind of coffee shop. Caribou if I had my way. It's great to be Minnesotan... the state with by far the most Caribou shops.

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