Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Care Packages

Awhile ago I mentioned that I had found a giant list of care package ideas on my computer. I was going to include a few ideas that I had from each but decided that might be a little overwheliming and messy. I have 26 different ideas of themes and what to include in them. I found most of these ideas online somewhere. Some are my own & some are tweaked. Regardless I felt that 26 collages was way too much for one post. Plus should I end up sending them what fun or surprise would that be when I want to post pictures of the actual packages. so instead I just chose one & googled a few of the things that would be included to find pictures. I chose the Thanksgiving one simple because that's the closest Holiday/theme if I were to be sending them already. I didn't come up with the stuff for this theme but thought it was all really cute. There are some things I would potentially leave out because it would more than likely just take up space that isn't always available to them & even more likely would be thrown away before coming back to the states. I liked that this theme came with explanations for some of the ingredients (even though most are obvious). I with that I could remember where i found this idea but I cannot as I've had it in a word document for a long long time. Anyway, without further ado the items included in the Thanksgiving themed care package.

~Turkey Jerky (Turkey)
~Craisins (Cranberries)
~Candy Peas n Carrots/Candy Corn (Veggies)
~Venison Jerky/Summer Sausage (Venison)
~Potato Chips (Potatoes)
~Dried Fruit (Fruits)
~Mixed Nuts (Nuts)
~Crackers (Bread)
~Hostess Fruit Pies (Pies)
~Hostess Cupcakes (Cake) ... We never have cake at Thanksgiving so this was new to me
~Cornucopia Basket ... One of the things potentially not included
~Silk Leaves ... Also a possible leave out but leaves are fun.
~Autumn Pictures/Postcards
~Autumn Scented Candles

Other care package ideas include:
~A Day At The Beach
~Some Like It Hot Some Like It Cold
~Valentines Day
~Breakfast On The Go
~Saint Patricks Day
~You Stink
~Baseball Opener
~Cinco De Mayo
~Fishing Opener
~A Day At The Zoo
~Picnic In The Park
~Independence Day
~Happy Birthday
~Poker Night
~Desert Survival Kit
~Kick Back & Relax
~America A-Z
~Feels Like Home
~A Night At The Movies
~New Years Eve
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