Sunday, October 24, 2010

She Let Herself Go Week 1

This may or may not be the healthiest thing in the world, counting the weeks that we haven't been together, but I'm not really doing it to say oh now we've been over for x amount of time. It's more to see how far I've come. Tomorrow's "Music Monday" will hopefully help more to explain why I'm doing this. I don't really have a set amount of time I want to do this for. It won't be forever that's for sure. I don't really even want to do this for more than a year. Heck it may not even last that long, I may get bored with this or just decide I don't need/want to do it anymore. Or on the flip side of things I could decide I do want to continue on. Without further ado, what I've done (I may need a catchy name for this).

This past week has been the longest one of my life. That's partially to be expected though right?

17 Sunday night was definitely hard. I did a lot of random crying & sleeping.

18 Monday wasn't a whole lot better. I would read people's supportive and loving comments, both on facebook and a military girlfriends forum I belong to, & it would cause me to tear up again.

19 Tuesday was by far the longest day of my life. Tuesday was always "our day". Instead all I had to look forward to was Teen Mom w/Dr. Drew. (Don't get my wrong I was super excited for it) That wasn't on until 9p though & I was done with school at 11a. That gave me a good 10 hours to just be bored & think. There was no crying though.

20 Wednesday was better but still long. Thank God for class & homework (eww I can't believe I said that). Without those to distract me I can only imagine how crazy I'd be going.

21 Thursday was my first day back to work since the break-up. Pretty much all day I had nervous butterflies in my stomach just thinking about my birthday dinner on Friday. He had been planning on taking me out to dinner since he wasn't going to be going bar hopping/dancing with me on Saturday. (Bars aren't really his thing & dancing definitely isn't so my actual birthday became a girls thing). The day we broke up we still agreed that because we did want to remain friends & we've been such a big part of each others lives for so long that we would still do dinner because it was after all going to be my 22nd birthday.

22 Friday I finally started tanning again. Back in June I signed a 12 month contract for unlimted tanning for $24 a month. I did so because I usually stop going because I run out of money so I figured why not account for that money now that way I can continue to go. Well of course I stopped once I left for Vegas in July. I also ran some errands. Friday was also dinner day. Branden gave me the option of Red Lobster, Olive Garden, or Antons (I've never been there but it's a nice seafood place on the river). I chose Red Lobster since it's my fav & I had a birthday coupon. Well everyone had like a 45 minute wait so we ended up at Pizza Ranch instead. For the most part it wasn't bad. We just talked about what we had been up to & such. The only hard parts were the hello, sitting in the car, & goodbye because those normally would consist of handholding & a kiss or 2. I also lost it a little when he started talking about deploying. Overall though the day wasn't as bad as I had been dreading.

23 Saturday It was my birthday. I turned 22. We went down to the cities, hung out at the hotel, ate dinner, and went bar hopping. It was a good time for the most part. 4 of the people showed up an hour late to dinner which was annoying. But it was delicious & I wish I would have been able to bring it home with me. The bars were a good time. We did run into a creeper but it all ended well. I already can't wait for my birthday next year!

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