Thursday, September 30, 2010

Goodbye September

Time keeps flying by! September has been... intense. I had a little, ok major, breakdown about school, work, and just my life in general. I'm ok again, for now anway. I was able to knock out 4 more weeks of school meaning I only have 10 left, well plus a week of finals. I am in desperate need for this semester to end. It's really just one class that I absolutely can't wait to have end.

Despite the stress and breakdown, I did have a lot of fun this month. I got to go to the state fair, Branden & I got to go on a little weekend getaway up north, I went to like my 2nd (maybe 3rd) college football game, won some money playing bingo, got to see my family, and started being more conscious about what I eat & working out.

So goodbye September. By the time we meet again I will be in my last year of college, living at home, going through a deployment, & who knows what else.

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