Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My First Fitness Class

Because my lovely roommate works for our campus rec center I got to get my hands on this fall's group fitness schedule before it has actually been posted. Previously I had posted about 4 classes that I was interested in taking. I am sad to say that not one of them is being offered this fall. Well that's not true. Express Abs is being offered but at a really inconvienent time for me. There is only one section of that being offered and it's from 12-12:30 on Mondays. There is no way of making that work, as much as I would like to find a way, because I have National Security History until 11:50 (having 10 minutes to get to the rec center AND change...not going to happen) and then Modern Japan at 1 (which would leave me with only 30 minutes to shower, change, & get to class...also not going to happen).

So I now have 4 completely different options that fit with my schedule:

Extreme Bootcamp from 9-9:50 Monday or Wednesday.
Fun Work - Hard Play! This class is sure to rev up the most avid exercisers. The class will consist of strength, cardio and absolute abs. Take your level of power, agility, and core strength to the next level. (I don't think so. I haven't seriously worked out in quite sometime let alone ever taken a fitness class so a class that is "sure to rev up the most avid excercisers" is not my cup of tea... espceially not at 9am!)

Sports Cycle from 4-4:30 on Mondays.
This class will comfortably introduce an athletic workout using the Keiser cycle bikes while delivering the ultimate workout! (I don't really have strong negative or positive thoughts about this whatsoever except for the fact that I'm not a huge fan of exercise bikes...)

Daybreak Yoga, Yoga I, or Yoga II from 8-8:50 Monday, Wednesday, or Friday respectively.
DBY: This morning class will start with the basic fundamentals of yoga and incorporate new and more advanced moves as we move on into the semester. Let your body wake up and start the day right with a good stretch and a peaceful mind. YI&II: This class starts out with the basic fundamentals of yoga and later incorporates new and more advanced moves. It is designed for all levels of strength; it will provide a great base for a beginner. If you want to challenge yourself or take it to a more advanced level try our Yoga II class. (Well considering I've never seriously done yoga before yoga II is out of the question. Therefore I'd be fine with either daybreak or I since they seem to be the same thing & are at the same time. If I do choose to pick up the yoga class though it will be Yoga I since Monday is my long day...class I don't really want to get up any earlier than necessary that day)

Butts'N'Guts from 4-4:50 on Mondays.
This is what the title reads, a 50-minute focus on those stubborn areas! Come to this fun and exciting class to be re-energized into a new healthier you! (This is the for sure winner. I really want something for my abs & working on my butt wouldn't hurt either lol. I don't really have one but maybe my thighs will get a little workout along with my butt.)

I will for sure be attending Butts'N'Guts. Now I will just have to decide if I want to attend yoga or not. Part of me says yes because I would love to work on my flexibilty & I've heard it's very relaxing. Then the other part of me says no because it's at 8 am. Mornings & I do not get along & I would need to wake up around 7 am. 7:30 at the absolute latest & then I would basically be rolling out of bed, getting dressed, & walking down to the rec center with no breakfast or real time for anything, definitely no snooze button. Then again it is only one day a week & I could come back, shower, & maybe nap until class at 11... hmm choices, choices.

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