Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Where Has The Time Gone?

Seriously. This summer year has gone by so fast. It's already the end of July which means summer is definitely coming to an end & the year is over half gone. This summer has been so busy but at the same time I feel like I haven't really done anything at all.

In 27 days from now I will be starting school again. I'm actually looking forward to it. Give it a few weeks in & I'll be wishing it was still summer. But for now, I am ready to go back. Despite the fact that I am taking nothing but history classes, I'm looking forward to them. History is my emphasis and even though I'm required to take a certain number of history classes, these are all classes I want to take instead of have to take. Well with the exception of the 2 survey courses and even so I'm only dreading one of them & that's just because of the professor.

I'm also excited for school to start because I am thinking about taking a group fitness class this semester. Summer group fitness goes until August 12 so the new schedule isn't up yet. I really wish they would put up the fall semester one though because there are 2 classes that I really want to take and not all classes are offered all of the time. There is one that I want more than the other but I would be willing to settle for the other if the one I really want isn't available. Both of these classes also have a 50 minute version that I'd consider taking if neither of these 30 minute ones are available.

Tighten & Tone
Taking Fitness and strength to the next level, this express 30 minute class will work your entire body from head to toe. Combining toning and cardio exercises will leave you feeling fit, firm and fabulous. **This is the class that I really want to take**
Express Abs
Have only 30-minutes? This workout is right for you! Learn various ways to tone your complete midsection in this fast paced core workout. It is sure to be quick, challenging, and fun! **This one sounds good too but I would rather tone my whole body than just my abs if possible**
Total Body Burn
This class will challenge you with a combination of cardio, strength, endurance, and balance moves to target both core muscles and inner stabilizing systems. **The longer version of tighten & tone**
Core Strength
Sculpt your midsection! Work towards overall muscle strength, balance and coordination. Firm your body with a resistance-training program using free weights, resistance bands, BOSU balance balls, and stabilityballs to work all of the muscle groups. Get the tight, toned look you want. **The longer version of express abs**

I'm mostly just excited for some type of routine again. Right now I don't really have one because I'm done with physical class time & I don't have a set work schedule. I both love & hate having a set schedule to my time. I love it because there's no question in what I should/need to do. But at the same time after awhile it starts to feel like I do nothing else & don't have room for anything else. I've never taken a workout class in my life before so I'm hoping that will add some break-up to my day instead of just class and work.

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  1. I hear ya on missing routine! I'm sure I will miss these lazy days once the fall rolls around, but I miss having a bit more structure to my day!