Friday, June 25, 2010

One Busy Weekend

I work at 9am today so normally I would not be up right now if I could help it. I would still be sleeping for almost another hour. However, I then changed my mind before I went to bed to waking up at 7:30 so that I could pack before I left for work & leave right away for my parents' house instead of having to come back to my apartment to pack. Well by that calculation I should still be sleeping for about another 15-20 minutes. However, Mr. Branden's car has been giving him trouble & doesn't always start. So I got a call around 6 am for me to go get him & bring him to work. I debated going back to bed... but instead here I am. I am all packed up, well minus my toothbrush & pjs. I haven't been THAT motivated yet to get dressed & brush my teeth.

Today & tomorrow are going to be crazy though. Especially tomorrow. Today I work until 3 pm. (Which I really don't want to because I am in a really REALLY boring department today at work.) Anyway, after that I still have to run to WalMart to get somethings before driving the hourish back to my parents. Which there I know there will be tons of cleaning & prep work for my brother's graduation party tomorrow.

Then tomorrow, oh tomorrow. My brother's graduation party starts at 1 so of course there will be more cleaning & prep work in the morning. Then, & I feel really bad now, I have been feeling worse & worse as the day gets closer, I have to leave my brother's party around 1:30 to drive an hour & a halfish back in this direction to go to a friend's wedding. After that you ask? Well then I must leave the wedding early, the ceremony is at 4 with a reception to follow & I'm leaving at 6, to get back to my apartment, change, & get ready for one of my roommate's 21st birthday. She is having dinner at 7 & going downtown to the bars after. As much as I love bar close & breakfast afterwards, I have been craving drunk breakfast for quite sometime, I am partly hoping she doesn't make it until 2. I still want the breakfast but just not at 2 am. Why wouldn't I want that I on Saturday night when I am 21 years old? Well...

Because on Sunday I have to work 10a-6:30p. Plus I haven't really been sleeping as it is with me just not always being able to fall asleep right away (I'm talking midnight or later) & then having to get up betweein 5:45 & 6:45 depending on if I have to bring Branden to work or just go to class.

Needless to say this weekend is going to be nuts. And while I am looking forward to the different things going on, I cannot wait for it to be over.

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