Friday, July 22, 2016

This Summer Is Coming To A Close

To most people, summer is June 1-August 31.  According to the calendar, summer is June 21-September 21.  To teachers, summer is approximately June 5-August 15.  I don't know what my plan is yet, I have just over 2 weeks to figure that out.  I may teach again this fall, I may not.  But right now I'm still in that WeFest is the end of my summer mindset.  This was such a weird week in that Monday & Tuesday flew by but Wednesday just drug on & on.

Has anyone seen the bandwagon that I've fallen off of??

I needed to find a dress for my friend's rehearsal dinner so while I was at the mall I stopped at Maurices because a friend had told me that they were having a huge sale.  I got the top dress for the rehearsal dinner & the bottom one for a family get together & WeFest.  I spent $35 total for both of them.

This week has been a scorcher.  I'm not quite sure how I plan on ever being able to live in Texas for an entire summer.  That same day Fort Worth was at 97 (104 RealFeel) & they weren't under an excessive heart warning because that's just normal!

Pardon me while I pimp out my music blog again that I co-write with my friend Alicia, aka Music Soulmate.  This week Cody Johnson (Texas Country singer that I l-o-v-e) liked one of our pictures on Instagram. I may or may not have geeked out a lot.  Feel free to follow along with us via:


Every week we share new songs, upcoming shows, & reviews of artists/songs/albums/shows

My mom had a meeting for work so I decided to tag along.  To kill time I first went to the mall to use Shopkick as much as I could.  I reached 500 points, which is what I needed for the original gift card I picked (Target) but decided to switch it to iTunes so now I need another 2000 points.  Afterwards I found myself driving by my old apartment & through campus getting all nostalgic.  I also had to see my torn down dorm for myself.  I had nothing left to do so I went to Caribou Coffee & sat in their parking lot to use their wifi & read blogs in my car.


  1. So awesome that your music blog is going so well! Hope you enjoy the weekend! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. I've totally killed time sipping on coffee reading blogs in my car, it's nice and quiet! Happy weekend sweet pea!!

    1. It was nice being able to do it somewhere other than my couch but also not have to worry about headphones so that I don't bother other people with my music. I hope you have an amazing weekend! Enjoy the fair!

  3. Oh, Maurices. I had completely forgotten about them until just now. I usually really liked their clothes, but Mom refused to pay those prices and when I adulted and moved out, it was Old Navy clearance rack for me.
    LOOOLLLZZZ to your "heat warning". Charleston is the temperature of the sun and I've taken to referring to summer as "hell season."

  4. $35 for two cute dresses?! Win!!

  5. We never went back to school until the second week of September, so I always felt like summer was super long! But, our year didn't end until mid-June. I couldn't believe it when I started blogging and saw posts about kids getting out mid-May and starting back in August! Enjoy the end of your summer and stay cool!