Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Summer Summer Summertime

Bloglovin has been pissing me off lately.  Every morning I log in & read my unread blogs.  Lately, it seems as if there are next to no blogs to read.  So I think to myself "well it is summer & people are busy/blog less"  But then I'll go on later in the day & a shit ton will load & say they were posted 12 hours ago.  Well why the heck weren't they there this morning then??  I specifically went to someone's blog the other day & it said they had a new post, I went to wasn't there yet.  #GetYourShitTogether

I've been searching for full time teaching jobs daily & applying every time one that I qualify for becomes available.  At this point I'm doing it out of habit & potential financial security. (Aka a steady income, vested retirement, & 5k off my student loans depending on what district I landed in.  However, with the timing of my grad school class in the fall (4-7) I'd have to work in a district that gets out no later than 3:30 & is within 30 min of the campus in order to do both.  Between that realization & the fact that I'm going to grad school to get out of education, a big part of me is hoping to sub and/or waitress #MyHeartIsntInItAnymore

Patience is not my forte.  I have a few different things on the table right now & I'm waiting on definitive responses from all of them.  Last Wednesday the school that I applied to received my undergrad transcript & so now I'm waiting to hear if I got into grad school or not.  On Monday I started talking to a girl about potentially being roommates starting in August & now I'm waiting to hear about specifics about the place to decide if I would want to live there and also if it's ok that I wouldn't be needing a place until at least Aug 1.  I started the process to be a substitute teacher in a really good, really big district but I will have to wait until August to completely finish the process and find out if I get accepted or not.  #IWantAnswersNow

I have something going on every day this week except for Thursday.  I both like the break from my routine & also hate that I'm spending so much money this week. #HavingFriendsIsExpensive


  1. Socializing is hard. It interferes with my laziness schedule. AND the cost. Where is my rich uncle?

  2. What are you going to grad school for? :) The waiting game is so hard. Crossing my fingers you get everything you want!

  3. I want to know too- what are you getting a Master's in? I've had the realization recently that what I'm doing and what I want to be doing aren't aligned anymore either, but I'm still trying to figure out what to do about it. I hope you find a schedule that works for you! And yes, I hate waiting as well. I have guests staying with me next month and they still haven't nailed down when exactly they're coming in, and I have to take time off of work, so it's really irritating!
    Also, perfect gifs! :)

  4. Bloglovin has been pissing me off too for those exact reasons!!! That and my page is filled with posts other people like. I dont care what other people like just give me new posts to read!!!