Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Overdue Confessions

**This is my last short week at work until spring break in March...this makes me sad**

**After toying with the idea for a couple of years I have officially registered to take the SPED test to add that certification to my teaching license**

**I need to figure out a workout routine that fits with my schedule as well as get back into meal prep mode**

**Having my Saturdays to myself is way better than getting out of work on Thursdays/Fridays for varsity softball tournaments**

**Both this week & last seem to be dragging on & on**

**By the time softball ends, if we don't get into playoffs, I will have spent 26 straight weeks being in season...I will never coach 2 sports again**


  1. THis was my last short week till spring break too! March 25th can't get here soon enough!!

  2. I'm not sure how you've been dealing with 2 sports at the same time this entire time. You're a bigger person than me.
    I feel like sense we got to Feb, the month has been dragging. It's weird since when I see that it's the 17th I'm like wait, what, wasn't it my birthday last week?

  3. oh my gosh this week has been draggggggggggggging. why?! i need to get back into meal prep, i suck at it.

  4. how about early morning workouts? that means you just get it out of the way and you're done for the day. that's why i do it!

  5. I was just thinking about when the next long weekend will be. I think it's Easter for me! Ah so far

  6. This was my last short week til April. I'm so annoyed that we don't have any Monday holidays in March. It makes the month so much longer. haha

  7. Good luck on your SPED test! I really want my reading endorsement but don't want to spend the cash on the courses. :/ And this week went by TOO slowly for me, too.