Monday, November 4, 2013

This Weekend I...
This Weekend I...

-Skipped the gym to do happy hour...well worth it.
-Got to hold 2 of the cutest twins part...they didn't cry!
-Was in bed by 8 pm because I could feel a massive cold coming on.
This Weekend I...
-Finally watched Dangerous Minds...thanks Mr. Fireman for the present.
-Caught up on Sons of Anarchy & Hawaii Five-0
-Made a poor decision to go for a run despite still being sick.
-Went on a date with Firefighter #3 (it's not my fault they seem to be drawn to me...) It was awful btw...
This Weekend I...

-Had a Back to the Future marathon w/2 of my favorite people down here. (I had never seen any of them before & I knocked out all 3 in one morning/afternoon)
-Had Taco Bell for the first time since sometime this past summer. (Doritos Tacos for the win!)
-Watched Joe Dirt on TV
-Graded...ugh the bane of my existence
-Mr. Fireman came to my rescue again by saving me anywhere from $40-$100 by letting me leave my car at his house while I'm gone for Thanksgiving & possibly bringing me to the airport if he doesn't work instead of me taking a cab.

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