Friday, November 8, 2013

I Think I Saw You In My Sleep

1. Mr. Fireman finally caught up on The Walking Dead so I could have someone to talk about it with.
2. I finally went back to the gym after way too long.
3. Thanks to the senior class photograph I got nearly 3 hours to myself instead of 1.5.
4. I booked my flight home for Christmas Thursday morning.
5. Work went really well on Thursday for once...all of my kids were pretty damn amazing (including my class that is my least favorite)
6. 5 minutes after I told myself to stay strong & not text Mr. Fireman until either he text me first or Sunday...and coming to the conclusion that we probably therefore wouldn't be talking until Sunday he text me first for once just to talk & we talked for a good hour.

1. I got about 8 hours of sleep total between Sunday & Monday night.
2. I miss home so much that I started crying one day when I saw a truck that looks almost identical to my dad's.
3. I had such a massive headache on Wednesday & my obnoxious students did not help whatsoever.
4. I had to sleep on the futon in my living room Wednesday night because as I was getting ready for bed I noticed a big bug in my bedroom.

The Friday Five
For some reason I have been dreaming about Mr. Fireman like crazy lately...& they are so damn random!  Here are the last 5 I've had that included him:
1. I had a dream his brother wanted to move back in but Mr. Fireman was unsure about it so I helped his brother find an apartment.  (This one ended up being insane because I found out AFTER the dream that his brother does indeed want to move back in & Mr. Fireman is considering it but his brother will be getting an apartment around January)
2. I had a dream that we were going to a Halloween party & while I don't recall what happened at the party I do remember that he was driving my car & every time I would put it on one of my country CDs he would hit the #1 position of my CDs which is always a rock CD.
3. I had another dream where I had a new boyfriend & Mr. Fireman was still with new girl but he kept texting me about hanging out together & then he sent me a message on the site that we met on but when I opened it to start reading it I woke up...
4. I had a dream I needed to drop something off at his house but he wasn't going to be home so he text me & told me to use the spare key to let myself in & drop it off.  I went with a friend & we were talking about Mr. Fireman and when we turned around to leave I noticed his cell phone which was weird since he wasn't supposed to be home & then noticed he was sleeping on the couch but when he started to wake up I just told him to go back to sleep & that I'd talk to him later.
5. I had a dream that I took a day off of work & we were hanging out & making out.  Later we were driving around and while I was at home he was calling me & had a present sent to my house.  After we were at my old high school where we were basically trying to get through some obstacle course & then wound up at an old bar across the street (which doesn't actually exist BTW...)

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