Saturday, October 19, 2013

That One Time Mr. Fireman & I Hugged & Made Up

As you may recall last Wednesday I needed to call on Mr. Fireman to save my ass because of my car.  Him saving my ass led to us having it out in my parking lot.
On Friday I went to happy hour with my co-workers as usual.  It was 1 margarita, 2 margarita, 3 margarita, not floor.  Instead it was 4 margarita, half a margarita, attempt to swing at a church playground.  There were no swings.  So it was play on the slide a little & leave.  Then the 2 guys went home & the plan was for the 3 of us girls to go to my place to drink some more & play in the pool.  Instead I thought I could off road through the ditch...guess what? I couldn't.  In my defense!  I have indeed done this in a similar truck before.  However, I was unaware that despite it's appearance it wasn't actually a shallow solid ditch but a fairly steep-ish liquid sewage ditch.  God bless AAA.  So while we wait we get a beer.  I call my daddy to tell him what happened as well as sent a picture to Mr. Fireman.  That led to small chit-chat as well as me apologizing for Wednesday.  While waiting for AAA & drinking beer my friend the art teacher started talking about her boyfriend & all this lovey dovey stuff, which due to recent events & the amount of alcohol I had consumed, led me to walking running away to sit by the truck & bawl my eyes out.  The art teacher comes over & tries to apologize despite me telling her she really had nothing to be sorry about...that I don't want people to start censoring themselves around me & feeling like they can't bring certain things up.  She told me that it all comes down to...who is the person he wants to tell when something happens...that I needed to ask him that.  So since we had already been talking I asked him if I could ask him a question.  Art teacher THEN tells me that I can't ACTUALLY ask him that!  Well great...I need some sort of question I ask him my own question.  I ask him if he thought we could actually be which he said he didn't see why not.  I asked him if we could be real friends that are allowed to talk & hang out without New Girl getting angry or upset.  He said it would be fine. 
So we talked off & on on Sunday about having to get rid of the rental, The Walking Dead, & the possibility of hanging out on Monday.  I ended the conversation by telling him to let me know when he got off work (since he was working like 2 blocks from me) or if he was going to bail (in my defense he had said we could get together in times past since the break-up only to not actually follow through)  He told me he would & then said goodnight.
He text me the next day to see how my day was going & we talked off & on.  I had wanted to go to the BBQ place that he had never been to & I used to go to with my friend all the time last year.  IT CLOSED!  I have no idea when this happened but it was definitely less than 6 months ago.  He said he wasn't overly hungry so I honestly thought that was his way of starting to bail or that we would go to some fast food kinda place & that would be that.  Instead we went to BWW.  We sat there for over 3 hours just talking, laughing, & hanging out.  I had been so nervous going into it & by the end I had no idea.  I realized what I missed most.  Having a real friend...someone that's easy to talk to & hang out with.  Sure he's also sexy as hell & made makes me feel super special & important...but more than anything I miss having a real friend.  We talked about everything from dates I had been on to dates we had both been on in the past to New Girl to sports to The Walking Dead to anything you can imagine.  Finally when it was nearly 10 we called it a night.  We hugged it out in the parking lot & said our goodbyes.  We haven't talked a ton since but we've talked a little bit off & on everyday since...including an actual phone call...that he made to me.
Will it lead to us getting back together?  Who in the world knows.  That's not really my goal anymore anyway.  Right now I am honestly just happy to have a friend back.  Maybe someday down the road we'll get back together or maybe we'll stay friends or maybe we'll completely stop talking someday.  Whatever the case may be.  I've been enjoying not worrying what's gonna happen.  I've been fine knowing that no matter what happens, I'll be okay.  So from here on out I'm just gonna go with the flow.  We keep talking.  Cool.  We get back together.  Awesome.  We stop talking to each other.  I was fine before him & I'll be fine after.

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